Aircraft Management

If you currently own or are considering an aircraft acquisition, you can achieve higher levels of flight efficiency and cost effectiveness by outsourcing its operation. Image Air Charter turnkey aircraft management covers all aspects of flight operations and can be tailored to meet your exclusive needs.

Companies have evolved through efficient and productive practices and tools such as corporate travel. However, major deterrents in operating an aircraft include the high costs of operation and the substantial time involved in creating and maintaining a flight department. Initial certification of your aircraft and crew requires an experienced team, knowledgeable in all aspects of regulatory requirements.

Image Air Charter has already fulfilled all of the requirements for aircraft operation and is able to provide its management services to make the process as straight-forward and swift as possible. The Image Air Charter Team offers specialized knowledge and support in many aspects of aircraft ownership and operation including:

  • Preparing aircraft pre-purchase proposals
  • Searching for and assisting in aircraft acquisitions
  • Managing all aspects of aircraft importing and certification
  • Developing an aircraft operational cost budget
  • Turnkey operation of your aircraft through our existing operating certificates and licenses
  • 24/7 centralized dispatch for all scheduling with online service
  • Preparing monthly reports detailing your aircraft’s hours, trip reports and expenses
  • Providing competitive aircraft insurance rates due to an untarnished incident/accident history
  • Positively offsetting operating costs with savings through our fuel and other service providers
  • Generating revenue from your aircraft through third party charter
  • Assisting with off balance sheet accounting practices

With today’s emphasis on management productivity, business aircraft play a strategic role in the daily operations and development of your company. The purchase of an aircraft has many advantages and is just one option among many. Image Air Charter offers programs and consulting services that enable you to benefit from the inherent advantages of business aircraft utilization. Please, call us today for a free consultation or a more in depth travel analysis.

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