Corporate Travel

At Image Air Charter, we believe in "uncompromised executive travel". This means going above and beyond the expectations of our clients to ensure that each flight is perfect and seamless. As a full service charter company, we not only take care of your flight, we take care of every aspect of your travel experience.

In recent years, business aircraft have compiled an outstanding safety record that is comparable to or better than that of the airlines.

Time Savings
Business aircraft not only reduce flight time by providing point-to-point service, but they also decrease the total travel time because they are able to utilize smaller airports which are closer to final destinations.

Business Aircraft are engineered and built to the highest standard and at Image Air Charter, we maintain our fleet to maximize flight readiness.

Sales & Marketing Efficiency
Business aircraft not only extend the reach of a sales force, they also quickly and easily bring customers to the point-of-sale.

A company that uses business aviation has control over all aspects of its air travel including the visibility of its employees on sensitive missions.

Privacy and Comfort 
Conversations on business aircraft are confidential and cabins are configured for optimal comfort and productivity.

People who travel by business aircraft do not have to alter their schedules to conform to those of public carriers. Consequently, they have the freedom to change courses en route and leave and arrive according to their own timetable.

Business aviation enables a company to maximize its two most important assets: people and time.

Whether the goal of your trip is team-building, relaxation, work related, or a weekend get-away, Image Air Charter provides the perfect means of travelling to an from your preferred destinations.

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