Learjet 60

Living up to the expectations of a fast, reliable and comfortable aircraft, the Lear 60 goes above and beyond the ultimate needs of its passengers and crew to deliver a top performance flight every time, all the time. Holding up to eight passengers in its spacious cabin, the aircraft is designed to have enough elbow room to work and socialize in complete comfort. The Lear 60 is powered by two Pratt and Whitney PW305A turbofans that have been manufactured to reduce noise on take-off and at cruise, resulting in a quiet and calm flight. And at a cruising speed of 512 mph, the Lear 60 has become the envy of other business jets in it class. This multi-talented mid-range business jet offers versatility, power and style, making it the perfect aircraft for a winter getaway to the islands of the Caribbean.

905 405 0331
Toll Free 1 800 988 6588
  • Number in Fleet: 1
  • Crew: 2
  • Range (Statute Miles): 3,100
  • Cruise Speed (Miles per Hour): 512
  • Seats: 7
  • Cabin Height/Volume (feet/cubic feet): 5.5/453
  • Ceiling (feet): 51,000
  • Baggage Capacity (cubic feet): 59

  • Cabin Amenities
  • Enclosed Lavatory
  • Flight Phone
  • Airshow
  • Mini Galley with Microwave
  • On-board Entertainment Available
    110 Volt Outlets
    MP3/iPod AUX Input