Safety and Security

Image Air Charter's major focus is on the safe operation of our aircraft, while providing the highest levels of personalized service in the business aircraft industry. In recent years, business aircraft have compiled an outstanding safety record that is comparable to or better than that of the airlines. At Image Air Charter, we pride ourselves in our flawless safety history. Our team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals is always available to assist you with your transportation needs. Continual training of our entire team of management professionals, flight crews and maintenance personnel ensures our ability to meet the most exacting requirements in the areas of aircraft operations.

Image Air Charter Aircraft are Thoroughly Inspected Prior to Every Flight

Crew Training

Image Air Charter pilots are very experienced and trained with the best facilities in the industry. Working with FlightSafety International, the world's premier flight training-corporation, we have maintained leading-edge industry practices for all of our flight crews.

Image Air Charter and FlightSafety International share a common philosophy that "a well trained crew is the best safety device for any aircraft."  Our pilots train an average of 10 – 20 days every year – to comply with Canadian commercial licensing regulations.

Safety and Security

Image Air Charter’s uncompromising commitment to safety is evident in our pilot training. However, aircraft maintenance and operating procedures are also the cornerstone for our diligent safety and security measures. To ensure your safety and security, Image Air Charter strictly adheres to the following procedures which include, but are not limited to:

  • Aircraft are thoroughly inspected prior to boarding passengers on every flight
  • All our aircraft parked overnight are secured in a hangar or by various means to ensure that no access has been made to any part of the aircraft
  • All flight crew members pass employment checks including Royal Canadian Mounted Police background checks and Transport Canada security clearances
  • All passengers arriving at the executive jet terminals are greeted by a member of the Image Air Flight crew who identify themselves with security photo identification badges

To further ensure the security of our passengers wherever they travel, Image Air Charter works closely with the fixed base operators, local airport authorities, local law enforcement agencies, Transport Canada, and international security officials to comply with recommended requirements whenever necessary.

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