Unique Corporate Incentives

The World is Our Place of Business

Motivate your executives, dealers, clients, or sales force with the chance to earn travel at its finest. Whether a weekend mini-vacation to a secluded island in the Caribbean or a 2-day get-away at a private, first-class golf course in Nova Scotia, we can customize a travel itinerary that will inspire your work team to be their absolute best on the job.

When you reward your people with travel incentives, your corporation is showing them that they are a valuable asset and that their contributions are recognized. When you take your people to a destination with Image Air Charter, you are giving them an unforgettable travel experience.

The most important decision in any incentive program is to choose the right destination. We can transport you to the most exotic and exciting locations throughout the world. With our extensive travel experience and knowledge, we can design the best and most exciting travel arrangements and destinations. You can be assured that any of our recommendations for an incentive that will meet or surpass your highest expectations.

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