Aircraft Charter Services

Ultimate Comfort and Security

  • Complimentary newspapers, beverages (including bar service) and on-board snacks
  • Service excellence is our primary focus in order to meet and exceed you travel requirements
  • A quiet, exclusive environment that allows you to rest between meetings and arrive refreshed
  • Departures and arrivals are done through executive terminals that understand the needs and privacy of the travelling elite

Redefined Convenience and Flexibility

  • Access to thousands of international and regional airports
  • Direct flights with no lost baggage, delays or cancellations
  • The en-route office environment increases daily productivity
  • Check-in time from your vehicle to the aircraft can take as little as five minutes
  • Service to multiple destinations per day, enabling you to multiply client visits
  • Economize with reduced trip time and savings on travel expenses
  • Optimal time management and fast responsiveness to your travel needs
  • Freedom to set and change your flight schedule

Exceptional Reliability and Safety

  • Trip reliability is 100% - no missed flights, cancellations, strikes or schedule changes
  • Maximum travel safety, efficiency and industrial security
  • Safe operations; rated highest in the industry
  • Complete privacy should you want to conduct meetings
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